Probably would have done better to random select this...

The World Cup starts today and I could not be anymore thrilled for my favorite month in sports. Still extremely gutted that my boys in stars and stripes weren't able to qualify for the tournament but absolutely ecstatic for the vote today that awarded the USA (and Canada and Mexico) the World Cup in 2026!

Below are my predictions for the World Cup. I'll be honest, I really struggled with these and still have absolutely no idea how the tournament will turn out. My main line of thinking is that I don't think favorites will do as well as people think they will. And even though it isn't reflected in my bracket, I do think Germany is the favorite (I just think they're overvalued).

With a better manager, I think Belgium would overwhelmingly be the favorite but my top 10 countries most likely to win the tournament would be:

1) Germany
2) Belgium
3) France
4) England
5) Brazil
6) Spain
7) Argentina
8) Switzerland
9) Portugal
10) Denmark

Generated using official FIFA bracket challenge tool.

Generated using official FIFA bracket challenge tool.

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