My name is Sanjay Derbyshire and I am a recent graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have extensive experience in programming and was originally a EE-CS double major but I dropped the CS major to graduate a year early. I have worked in the CSU Radar Engineering Research Group working on various projects and participated in programs such as the CSU-CHILL REU. I'm working on my five-year plan, just need to choose a font.

Now that I've gotten the boring stuff out of the way, I'd like to tell you a few important things about myself. I am handsome, friendly, and outgoing, perhaps slightly tall, with a ready smile and an open and verbal manner. I enjoy casual night time strolls but also, demanding hikes up Colorado's mountains. Go figure.

You might be wondering about my name. I get that a lot so I'll clear that up just in case you were wondering. While I'm not the least bit Indian, I share a special connection with a certain James Bond as we both have a Swiss mother. I'd like to think that the similarities do not end there.

My favorite food would have to be sushi. Except, I have trouble enunciating sushi so it's more like soo-shee. I take ping pong and chess very seriously. Sometimes I feel ambitious and play both simultaneously. It's harder than it sounds.

My hobbies include music (just bought a ukulele. I strum hard), playing soccer (leading scorer on my adult amateur team this past year. You might have heard of me, I'm kind of a big deal), and playing with electronics (particularly EMPs. Still in the experimental phase but that one time, when you were at that one place, eating a sandwich, playfully strumming a guitar and the lights turned off for a split second? Yeah that was me).


To have a look at what I've done, click this image to view a zoomed in version of my resume. Contact infromation is redacted, please proceed to the 'Contact' section of the website if you wish to contact me. To download my resume as a .pdf file, click the link below. NOTE: File size of resume is large so downloading the resume could take a few seconds (or longer).

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